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*puts on leather jacket* do i wanna know? Or do i already know? *smokes cigarette* indie

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people are the cutest when they’re sleepy

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i am so happy with my life right now. i am doing everything ive always wanted to do. i live every day for myself and i dont care if it’s selfish but i am finally happy. i wake up with my cats. i spend hours with the love of my life. i go to school. i volunteer at animal shelters. i go to concerts. i go to coffee shops. i see my friends. i skate whenever i want. i take my dogs to the beach and to the mountains and to the park. i travel. i see the world. i read wonderful books. i watch dumb movies. i make cookies. i sleep in. i stay out all night. i breathe. i live.

i make myself happy, and that’s really the best thing you can do

((i hope you see this one day and see how much better i am without you and i hope it makes you mad that that i didnt need you to be happy and that i am fine on my own but i am lucky enough to have others in my life))